Twisted Blossom – Block 1

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Sew Kind of Wonderful is hosting a free QAL, July 1-August 31, using the Quick Curve Ruler. This was of great interest to me because I bought the ruler when I saw a demo at the local quilt shop last spring. I have wanted to try it but was not ready to start the larger project for which it was purchased.

I had to purchase the Metro Twist pattern to make this block. I went to my LQS  where I bought the ruler but they did not have it in stock. They offered to order it but I didn’t want to wait to start my block. I ordered it online and did the digital download to have it instantly.

I looked through my fabric stash and found a small bundle of fat quarters that I bought but didn’t have a plan for its use. I divided it into 4 colorways and added some fabric to it. I cut into the reds before taking the following picture. You will see them in the finished block.

This is the first block.

This is the first time I have used the Quick Curve Ruler. I liked the way it was constructed. It was easy to cut the curve with my 45 mm rotary cutter. It was very sturdy which made it stable while cutting.

The pattern seemed a little complicated. I read through the entire pattern before starting. I went back and concentrated on just one step at a time and it was not difficult to follow. Because the pieces are right and left sided, it is important to cut half of them right side up and the other half right side down. The other important direction to follow is where to start sewing the curved piece. One side starts 1/4 inch from the top and the other side starts 1/2 inch from the top. The illustrations are very good and give you this information.

The curved pieces are VERY EASY to sew without using any pins. I did use tweezers to hold the end while sewing.

I hope this encourages you to join me in the quilt along! Happy Sewing!

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Zelda: The Quilt-Along — Princess Zelda

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Zelda: The Princess Zelda (Block 7)” width=

We are finally hitting the namesake behind our Zelda Quilt-Along…Princess Zelda. We’re starting on our seventh block of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along. As a reminder, our full list of fabric and tool requirements are located here, which includes yardage for fabric for the entire quilt.

Princess Zelda, the princess that Link is attempting to rescue within the game as well as the namesake of the game itself. In every game of the Zelda series, Princess Zelda is captured or put in danger by evil forces — generally led by a villian boss named Ganon. It is up to Link to save her. Many people unfamiliar with the game series incorrectly refer to Link (who is the main character in the games) by the princess’ name “Zelda”, as they assume that the title of the game is referring to the main character and not the damsel in distress.

Princess Zelda will be constructed in the same manner as the other blocks, The Candle, The Fairy, The Key, The Bomb, The Blue Wizrobe and The Red Darknut, however the size is different. The Princess Zelda block grid is 18 squares across and 16 squares down and it uses the following colors of fabrics:

Kona: Black
Kona: Earth
Kona: Cheddar
Kona: Red
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