Easter Tulips

Posted Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 in Quilting | Tags:

On the Friday before Easter, the FedEx delivery truck pulled into our driveway. I was surprised because I hadn’t ordered anything lately. He handed me a flower box with a card that said, “Happy Easter! -Bananas”. Now you have to know that our granddog is a black lab named Bananas. Before I could call my daughter, the owner of Bananas, she called us.  Trying to be funny, I asked her if Bananas had a phone number.  She thought I was losing it and asked what I was talking about. I told her I wanted to call her to thank her for the flowers. “What flowers?” she said.  She then realized that her husband, Tristan, had ordered the flowers for us.

Isn’t he the greatest son-in-law ever?