Zelda: The Quilt-Along — The Key

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Zelda: The Key (Block 3)

Happy April’s Fools Day – but we aren’t fooling you! Yes that’s right, we’re ready to make the THIRD block of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along. We have our full list of fabric and tool requirements are located here, which includes yardage for fabric for the entire quilt..

The third block that we will be making is The Key, which was an item that Link could use to unlock doors within dungeons in the The Legend of Zelda game. Link would need to find the key before progressing through each dungeon, often right before facing the main enemy of the dungeon or “boss”. There were a total of eight dungeons within the first Zelda game.

The Key will be constructed in the same manner as the other blocks, The Candle and The Fairy, however the size is different. The Key block grid is 15 squares across and 15 squares down and it uses the following colors of fabric:

Kona: Black
Kona: White
Kona: Cheddar
Kona: Red
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