Double wedding ring quilt is quilted!

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I made a double wedding ring quilt for my daughter and son-in-law for their wedding almost two years ago. I finished the top but was stalled by the quilting process. I wanted to quilt it myself but was very intimidated by the pattern.

I had checked with a longarm quilter and her rates were astronomical for a double wedding ring quilt. I met another longarm quilter and checked her rates which were much more acceptable. I scheduled a quilting time with her in December 2009  and found she did not have an opening until July, 2010. I took it to her on July 13 with a scheduled date of the week of July 26. (She reserves an entire week for a double wedding ring quilt.)

I received a call from Kat on Thursday afternoon, July 29, saying the quilt was finished! I picked it up on Friday afternoon. It is beautiful!

The next step is the binding. It has a scalloped edge all around the quilt. I will have to make a bias binding much more narrow than I normally use . My goal is to have it finished by September 27, Jen and Tristan’s second anniversary.

The longarm quilter is Kat Waterson.  Her website:  http://www.quiltingkat.com

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“Peekaboo Monkeys” part 2

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The quilt is finished! I bought the book and fabric kit in December and it sat on my sewing table while I worked on lots of other quilts this year. I decided to work on it while on vacation last week. The applique is the reason for the delay. Applique is NOT my favorite thing to do! It went together very quickly and was fun, even doing the applique! I used a straight utility stitch on my Viking Quilt Designer for the embroidery on the faces rather than hand work. It isn’t perfect but as a friend says, “Finished is better than perfect.”

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Log Cabin Hidden Stars

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This log cabin quilt was made from one “American Primer” jelly roll and 1 3/4 yards of fabric for the stars and border. The jelly roll was given to me for Christmas in 2008 by Jennifer and Tristan along with the book, “Jelly Roll Quilts” which contains the  Log Cabin Hidden Stars pattern.

I am always reluctant to take  jelly rolls apart, therefore, it took me over a year to start this quilt. The quilt went together very quickly after I finally took the ribbon off and separated the strips into lights and darks.

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My first quilt project for 2010

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Jennifer and Tristan gave me a ‘Snippets’ jelly roll and a new quilt book for Christmas. I picked a pattern, Jitterbug, from the book  and have started to cut the jelly roll. I bought 3 yards of plain white fabric for the background. I cut the background fabric into 39 strips each 2 1/2 inches.

The cutting of strips and squares is finished!

The HSTs (half square triangles) are sewn and are ready to be sewn into blocks of four HSTs.

The last border was added on February 7. I will use bleached muslin for the backing.

I have had a lot of fun making this quilt. Everything went together perfectly. I did all the pieces at the same time  for each step of the quilt.

The only thing I would do differently if I ever use this pattern again, is to trim the excess fabric behind the white sky of the flying geese parts. The pattern said to leave it in for stability but I think it adds too much bulk to the block. I did trim away the excess fabric when I made the sashing pieces and they were stable.

Thank you Jennifer and Tristan! I love my Christmas gift!

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Jeff and Christina’s Wedding Quilt

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I didn’t have my blog when Jeff and Christina got married in 2007 so I am posting a picture of their quilt now. The picture is rather dark because it was taken in the church youth room.


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The Double Wedding Ring quilt for Jen and Trist

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I have been working on this quilt since last fall (2008). Jen and I picked the fabrics when I went to Columbus last year. I took a DWR class at the quilt shop in Leo in the spring of 2008 and used the green and purple fabrics instead of the brown and blue Jen had chosen. I didn’t want to ruin any of that fabric!


I worked on this quilt in spurts. I spent Memorial weekend putting the blocks together in sections of twelve blocks. I had to make 6 sections for a total of 72 blocks. I used the John Flynn templates and method for the quilt. It is faster than the traditional way of cutting each piece separately.


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Still working on the DWR

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I haven’t done much sewing this week. My daughter and son were both home for a few days and my Aunt and cousin from PA visited on Thursday.

Today I entered eight of my quilts in the quilt show at the Huber Opera House. I will be working at the show on Saturday and Sunday.

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Welcome to My Blog!

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I am Linda West. I want to share my quilting adventures with you!

Double Wedding Ring for Bob and Linda

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Thank You

Posted Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 in Family | Read More

Thank you Jennifer, for creating this blog for me. I appreciate all you have done for me!

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