June “Hello Sun”

Posted Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 in Hello Sun Block of the Month, Quilting | Read More

I finished the June block today. I started it the first week of June but due to problems with the foot pedal on my machine, did not finish the top stitching. I ordered a new pedal which arrived in the mail today. It works!

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May “Hello Sun”

Posted Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 in Hello Sun Block of the Month, Quilting | Read More

I’m on a roll this month! I completed the May block this morning.

I am enjoying these happy little blocks so much! I did change the grassy area because the first piece I cut was a bit short after I had pressed it to the background piece. I didn’t notice that the pattern was not reversed when I traced the flower and had to redo the flower and stem before applying it to the background.

It’s not too late to join this free BOM! Each block is fun and easy. You can find the patterns here.

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April “Hello Sun”

Posted Saturday, April 28th, 2012 in Hello Sun Block of the Month, Quilt Blocks | Read More

I’m a bit late making my AprilĀ  “Hello Sun” block of the month, but hey, it’s still April! The pattern has a smiley face on each raindrop which I did not add. The sun doesn’t look happy this month either. The pattern also has the sun rays cut off in the seam allowance and mine may have bit in the seam allowance when the blocks are joined but not as much as the pattern shows.

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Hello Sun – March

Posted Thursday, March 8th, 2012 in Hello Sun Block of the Month | Read More

This is the third block in the Hello Sun BOM at http://www.april-makingendsmeet.blogspot.com/ . I changed it up a bit by moving the sun to the corner and using a half rainbow. Actually the design change was drawn by my daughter. I told her I wanted to change it a bit and she grabbed a piece of scrap paper and sketched it for me. I love her version. Thank you Jennifer!

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Hello Sun

Posted Friday, February 24th, 2012 in Hello Sun Block of the Month, My Projects | Read More

My friend Kris introduced me to this free Block of the Month at http://www.april-makingendsmeet.blogspot.com/ . I made the strata of yellow strips and put it away while I worked on another quilting project. Yesterday I got it out again and made the blocks for January and February. Doesn’t this just make you feel happy? I love working with the yellow fabrics.

I did all the appliques by machine by setting the stitch length to 1.5 straight stitch and using black thread. I made a few modifications to the pattern so that I would not have to do any hand work. I like that it looks like a child drew it.

January Hello Sun Block

February Hello Sun Block

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