Women of the Bible – 15 & 16

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The next two blocks for the Women of the Bible sew-along are Deborah and Miriam. Miriam was the sister of Moses. She hid him in a basket in the river when Pharaoh ordered the death of all male Hebrew babies. The name of the block used to represent Miriam is mosaic.

Deborah was a respected judge of Israel. The name of the block for Deborah is Courthouse steps. I may remake this block as I am not really happy with my fabric choises.

A link to these blocks can be found here.

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Trying out a new template

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I watch the Fons and Porter show that is broadcast on Saturday mornings here in Columbus. A couple of weeks ago they used a template from Fons and Porter to make a quilt called Orange Peel Two-Step. It was also featured in their magazine in the March/April issue. I looked up the pattern in my magazine and then ordered the template. It is curved piecing similar to a Drunkard’s Path block. In the TV show, they pieced strips of fabric before cutting the pieces with the templates. A pieced background is then sewn on both sides of the melon shaped  piece. I loved how the different shades played out in the block. When my templates arrived this week, I had to try it out. I used fabric from my scrap bin and a couple fat quarters.

I enjoy sewing curved pieces and have made several drunkard’s path quilts in the past.

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Zelda: The Quilt-Along — Link (Part 2)

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Zelda: Link (Block 11)” width=

For the second in a series of four blocks we are working on Link, with this being our eleventh block of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along. Find all of the blocks associated with Link here: Link (Part 1), Link (Part 2), Link (Part 3) and Link (Part 4). As a reminder, our full list of fabric and tool requirements are located here, which includes yardage for fabric for the entire quilt.

The eleventh block that we will be making is Link, who interestingly enough often shares a lot of similarities to Peter Pan. He wears green clothing, has an elf-like appearance, hangs out with a Fairy and battles evil with a sword. In some games, Link even fights his shadow or dark self. The creator of The Legend of Zelda has revealed that he did indeed take inspiration from Peter Pan when creating our hero.

The Link block will be constructed in the same manner as the other blocks, The Candle, The Fairy, The Key, The Bomb, The Blue Wizrobe, The Red Darknut, Princess Zelda, Sword and Shield, and Bow and Arrow however the size is different. The Link (Part 2) block grid is 15 squares across and 16 squares down and it uses the following colors of fabrics:

Light Green
Kona: Sour Apple
Kona: Earth
Kona: Cheddar
Kona: Black
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Quilty Fun Sew Along – part 3

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The blocks are starting to fit together to complete the Quilty Fun Sew Along quilt.  There are three sections in the quilt.  I am still making blocks for the center section but the two edge sections are almost complete. The section on the right will have flower blocks on the bottom.

Today I made the 17th set of blocks, the mittens.

Every week we can put pictures of our blocks on a Flicker group, Quilty Fun Sew Along to be eligible for prizes . On Monday, three winners are announced. One of the prizes each week is a package of “Alphabitties”. They are little laminated cards with the letters of the alphabet and ten numbers.. I was lucky enough to win a pack of Alphabitties. I used them for the first time today when I cut out the mitten blocks. I found they were very helpful.. This is how I used them.

These are the rest of the blocks I have made since the last blog post.

Neighborhood Houses


Sewing Spools

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Quilty Barn Along – 9

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The name of the block inside the barn is Country Crossroads. You can find the tutorial for this block here.

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Barn Quilt Along – 8

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Sorry for the bad photography. The center points are a light blue against the white background.

We were given a pattern for a barn with a silo beside it and the pieced block in the barn door. I want to make a few of those in different colors.

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The Quilty Barn Along – Block 3

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This is the third block in the series. The inset block is called “Postage Stamp”. It is made of 36 one inch finished squares. I used 36 different fabrics in the block.  The block tutorial can be found at Bee In My Bonnet.

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April “Hello Sun”

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I’m a bit late making my April  “Hello Sun” block of the month, but hey, it’s still April! The pattern has a smiley face on each raindrop which I did not add. The sun doesn’t look happy this month either. The pattern also has the sun rays cut off in the seam allowance and mine may have bit in the seam allowance when the blocks are joined but not as much as the pattern shows.

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Birthday Blocks from 2006

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When I went to the quilt show in Columbus, Ohio last year (2011) I found a pattern called BQ2.http://www.mapleislandquilts.com/images/Product/large/MIQ965.jpg I bought it because it is perfect for large print fabrics. It is also perfect for setting 12 inch blocks together and has directions for 9 and 6 inch blocks.

These are blocks I received in a birthday block exchange on the Quilting Forum in 2006. I will list the forum names of the people who made the blocks in each row, left to right.

Row 1:  Bon, Vanislegirl, Anne

Row 2: grammyp, Quiltdiva, bkfdwife

Row 3:  ColleenNY, hagar, Teresa nc7

Row 4:  Amy, benken, Jennifer in VA

There really are not any wrinkles in the blocks. I did not have the quilt top lying flat on the carpet when I took the pictures.

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt – The Final Chapter

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I took the quilt to Kat Waterson of www.quiltingkat.com in November. She planned to quilt it the week following Thanksgiving. She called me on November 29 to say it was finished. (She started it earlier than planned.) We were experiencing some nasty weather that week. She and I agreed to meet at the next guild meeting on December 6 for me to get it. She was very pleased with the results.

We met at the meeting and partially opened the quilt so I could see the quilting on the back. I LOVE IT!!! Later in the evening when we had “Show and Tell” at the meeting, a friend and I opened it completely to show the guild members. The back is beautiful too!

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Quilting Queens Row Robin Quilt

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I have been participating in a Row/Round Robin with an online quilt group this year. I have received my original row and all the rows made for me by the other participants. We each chose to make a row or center for a quilt and mailed it to to next person on the list. We each included instructions on what we would like to see in our quilts and whether we wanted to make a row quilt or have borders added to the center.

I chose a row quilt in traditional blocks and darker colors. My original row has Thimbleberries type blocks,  houses, trees, and friendship stars. I ask them not to join the rows as I want to make sashing to put between the rows. I plan to make four-patch squares for the sashing.

Row # 1 My original row.

Row # 2- Kay in PA

Row # 3- Annesew

Row # 4- Odessa

Row # 5- k8orlando

Row # 6-Wynative

Row #7- Kay in Pa  (These are made from leftover “scrap corners” from the spools.)

The above names are our online names in the quilt group.  I thank everyone for all the work and great rows you created for my quilt.

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Let’s twist!

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Last week I went on a shop hop and bought the Twister tool.  Let me explain…  The Twister tool is used to cut pinwheel blocks from squares with no cutting of triangles or other angles. The first step is to sew squares into rows and then sew the rows together. Next a border is added.  Now it is time to use the Twister tool.  You line up the intersecting lines on the tool with the seams between the side and top borders and the first square and cut around it.  Continue placing the tool on the following seams and cutting. When you have cut all the squares they are joined together into rows, etc.. After the blocks are all sewn together another border is added.

This is a picture of some of the rows on my design board.

These  are the rows for the second half of the quilt.

Next with the rows sewn together again…

and now with the final border.

The fabrics used in this quilt were a collection of 1930’s ten inch squares that were given to me by my daughter for Christmas a few years ago. There were 35 squares in the pack so I added one square from my 30’s stash.  She purchased them at the Keepsake Quilting store in New Hampshire.

Twister Tool:

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Getting an early start…

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Each year my small quilt group, Piecemakers, makes a baby quilt for the first baby born in the new year at CMH (Community Memorial Hospital). We decided we wanted to get started early this year  so there is not a rush at the end of the year to get it quilted. I appreciate this since I am usually the person doing the quilting.

Carol and I went to a quilt shop in Roanoke, IN the last week in December, 2010, and found a nice panel to use for the center of the quilt. We decided to make a border of four-patch blocks using the colors found in the panel. The quilt group looked through our stash at the church and found colors to match. I cut the fabric into strips and they were taken home by several members.

Last Thursday the group arranged the four-patches around the panel and Kris and I sewed them into borders at the meeting. I brought them home and added them to the panel today.

As soon as I find fabric for the backing, I will load it on my quilt frame and do the quilting.

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Online Birthday Block Exchange-2010

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This year I have been in  birthday block exchanges on two online quilting forums. The exchange at the Garden Web Quilting Forum has 13 members and we each receive 12 blocks on our birthdays. I have requested the same block from both forums so that I will have enough blocks to make a quilt. The other forum is called “The Other Room” and has eight members in the exchange.

These blocks are from the group called “Carolina Lilies” at the GW Quilting Forum. I received two blocks from one of the members but only show one in this picture.  It is a beautiful block and will definitely be used when I put the blocks from both forums together.

The blocks are on my design wall and I will rearrange  them when I receive the rest of the blocks.

The little yellow squares that you see on each block is a post-it with the name of the person who made the block.

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Piecemakers Workshop

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On Saturday, July 10, nine members of  Piecemakers Quilt Group met at Grace United Methodist Church for a workshop and pot luck lunch. This is an annual event where we all work on our own projects but use the same pattern. This year we decided to not start a new project, but to bring an unfinished object (UFO) to complete.  This event was so successful that we now plan to hold another workshop in the fall.

The project that I took to the workshop was the Fun and Done quilt that I started at the workshop last year. It is a quilt- as- you- go pattern. I had completed 48 blocks and had them joined into rows. On Saturday I top-stitched the sashing pieces that finish the quilt. When the workshop ended I had all the sashing finished and just had to top-stitch the binding which I did at home.

The finished quilt is approximately 45 X 60 inches.

To see more Fun and Done patterns go to  http://www.prairieskyquilting.com

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Bridal Path + 9 to 4

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I won six Bridal Path blocks at the Appleseed Quilters Guild meeting on June 1. I bought white fabric with black polka dots  to use as plain blocks between the pieced blocks and I purchased black with mini  dots to use for binding. When I got home I realized I didn’t have enough of the white to make four 12 1/2 inch squares. Not wanting to wait until I could go shopping again, I decided to use the fabric I had and made four pieced (9 to 4) blocks instead of the plain squares. By cutting the binding a bit smaller than usual, I had just enough to make the binding.

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Mystery Table Runner

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I made this table runner when I was teaching a mystery class at Piecemakers Quilt Group last year. It is rather large and if I were to do it again, I would not add the borders or  would make smaller blocks.

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Planning a new project

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I saw this collection of Frolic fabrics by Moda at Threads of Tradition quilt shop in Archbold and just had to have them. There are 11 fat quarters. I will use them to make a small version of  Turning Twenty Again putting an embroidery design in each block. I am thinking of using a dark brown embroidery thread to do a floral design.

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Carolina Lilies Birthday Blocks -May 2010

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This block is called Nine Burr and the pattern can be found at Quilter’s Cache. The birthday gal requested a 12 inch block in the colors shown in the pattern. Bought the green fabrics at the quilt show in Chicago. The background fabric was from my stash.

The second block I made for May is another star. It is called Aunt Eliza’s Star or Ohio Star. I am sure it also has other names. The request was for a 12 inch block, any star pattern, any color. I used the red and blue fabrics from the R/W/B quilt that I finished last month.

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Relay for Life Quilt – 2010

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Every year since 2006, Piecemaker Quilt Group members have made a group quilt for Relay for Life. The team from St. John’s Lutheran Church raffles it as one of their fund raisers. Colleen co0rdinates the project and provides the fabric. Each member of Piecemakers makes one or more blocks and Colleen puts the quilt top together. I quilt it and embroider a label and Colleen puts the binding and label on it. This year the quilt top contains thirty-six 12 inch blocks plus a three inch border around the outside edge. We used three purple fabrics and the Road to California pattern.

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