June Table Runner

Posted Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 in My Projects, Patterns, table runner | Read More

This month I followed the pattern colors  but did not put the applique in the border squares. I plan to use a small satin stitch for the applique.  I am looking for small black buttons in the shape of watermelon seeds instead of the suggested appliqued seeds. The runner is diplayed on the small design board that I made this week.

I had strips of red fabric left over from a bento box quilt that I made  in Ohio State colors for my daughter. I like the variety of reds in the watermelons.

Update: 6/21/2010

I stitched the appliques with a small satin stitch. The pattern called for small black appliqued seeds on the watermelon. Not wanting to applique the small pieces, I   stitched the seeds using stitch number 36  on my Janome 10001.

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