Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Posted Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 in Quilting | Tags: ,

The Double Wedding Ring quilt that I have been sewing since the beginning of this year IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have struggled more with this quilt than any other quilt I have made. This is the second DWR I have sewn but I had many more problems with this one than I did with the first quilt. The main reason I had problems was because I started this quilt in a class in 2008 and used my small Janome Jem Gold that I take to classes. The quarter inch foot is a full quarter inch. These seams needed to be a scant quarter inch to make the arcs fit on the melons. I became aware of the problem when I started to trim the arcs.

I had to remove the stitching from most of the 322 arcs and resew the angle seams to make them large enough to trim the ends at the correct angle. Because the job seemed so large, I delayed starting this step. During the summer I decided I had to get back to work and sat down for a couple evenings and did the frog stitch. (rippit, rippit)

The next step was to sew half of the arc to the melon shaped background.

The remainder of the arcs (161) were divided into two groupsĀ  and squares were sewn onto each end. Half were green fabric and the other half were purple fabric.

The next step was to add the arcs/melonsĀ  to the 72 back ground pieces.

I then assembled the blocks into rows of three and joined four rows together to make a section of twelve blocks. I made six of these sections, then I joined two sections together to make rows of 24 blocks, 3 down and 8 across. I made three of these and joined them together. This step was probably the most difficult step because of all the bulk.

…AND HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep this quilt for us.


Kris says... October 3, 2011 | 7:20 am

It’s gorgeous Linda, good work sticking with it!!