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I retired at the end of October 2011 from my job as office manager at Grace United Methodist Church. I started working in the office in December, 1999. My job included typing and printing the weekly bulletin and the monthly newsletter, church treasurer, receptionist, membership secretary,and general office duties. I loved my job but it could be very stressful at times.

When I had my birthday in October, I decided it was time for me to stay home and quilt! Quilting has become a passion for me. I love every step of the process, from selecting fabrics, to cutting and sewing blocks to the actual quilting and binding.

On the last Sunday of October I received a bouquet of flowers and a gift from the church family.

On the first official day of my retirement, I took a picture of the sunrise. It was a bit foggy that morning which made it even more beautiful.


Kris says... November 11, 2011 | 7:00 am

Congratulations Linda! Enjoy all that extra quilting time!!

Linda Z says... December 4, 2011 | 7:21 pm

Congrats on your retirement. We share the same name and same home state. I live in Plymouth. I love to attend your Guild’s Quilt Show every other year. Have fun sewing.