Piecemakers Challenge

Posted Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 in Quilting | Tags: , , , ,

My small quilt group, Piecemakers, has a fabric stash that we recently organized by refolding. Everything is now folded to the same size and is more accessible. We were challenged to take a few pieces from the stash and make a quilt. The finished quilts will be put in  our quilt bank for emergencies.

I chose a panel of fabric and used my fabrics to make a pieced border for the quilt. The panel was not an even measurement that matched the size pinwheels I made. I added solid black to the left side and bottom of the panel to make the border fit the panel. My idea was to only border the sides on which the black fabric was added.

I put the quilt top over my frame and left it there for a few hours. Every time I walked by it, I thought it looked unfinished. I decided to add pinwheels all around the quilt for a finished look. I think I like this better.

Which do you prefer?

My next decision is to choose a thread color for quilting. I am thinking of a bright variegated thread.


Krislovesfabric says... May 29, 2013 | 6:57 am

I like it with pinwheels all around 🙂 I also think the offset border provides interest, even if it did develop out of necessity!