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I haven’t posted for quite some time but I have a good reason. We have been moving from north western Ohio to Columbus, Ohio. We bought a house in Columbus, just one mile from our daughter’s home in Gahanna. We didn’t really expect to move as soon as we did, but everything happened quickly.

Our family had been pushing us to move closer since the grand children have been born. Our son lives near his in-laws but our daughter and her husband had no family nearby. Jennifer was especially insistent that we move closer to all of them.

We drove down to Jennifer’s house (a three hour drive each way) to look at some houses in late June. We had a few requirements such as a  master bedroom and laundry on the first floor. Most of the houses in her area are two story with laundry in the basement. We were scheduled to visit 7 or 8 houses and had expanded our search to the neighboring town of Blacklick. We were expecting to make several trips to the area to look at homes during the summer.

The first two houses we viewed were in Gahanna and were awful! I said, ” I’m not moving if I have to live in one of those!” The third house we viewed was just inside Columbus and had almost everything we wanted and was only 3 years old. We went on to see several more houses in Blacklick, which were nice. We found ourselves comparing all of them to the third house. When we arrived at the last house on the list, we told our realtor that we decided we did not want to live in Blacklick but would like to see the third house again. He scheduled a visit to see it again the next day.

After we toured the house and yard again, we made an offer. The owner had until 5:00 PM the next day to accept or reject our offer. She accepted the offer but countered with an earlier closing date, July 11. From that time on, everything happened at top speed!

A friend of Jennifer had just moved and had lots of empty boxes he gave us. We needed many more boxes though! Bob made a couple trips to Lowes and Menards to buy totes and moving boxes. The task of packing was over whelming. We had lived in our house for 41 years and had accumulated too many things! Every cupboard and closet was full and the new house has fewer closets and cupboards but it has a basement!

We are still unpacking and deciding what we really need and what we can let go. For now, it is going in the basement. If we don’t use it in the next few months, we plan to get rid of it.

I have a beautiful new sewing room. It it is the only room that is upstairs. It is a large bonus room facing the street. Across the street there is a large pond with two fountains and a gazebo area with a picnic table and benches. Just around the corner and across the street from the pond is a small playground for children.

We have met several of our neighbors and they are all very friendly. I’m hoping to find a friendly quilt guild soon and make some new quilting friends too.

My next project is to unpack and arrange my sewing room. I hope to have a new quilting project to show you soon!


Felicia Few says... August 8, 2014 | 1:14 pm

Looking for a house and moving can be trying to anyone. I hope you enjoy the new home and join us all back on the blog.

Darlene Gerber says... August 9, 2014 | 8:09 am

Linda I’m jealous I would love to live in Central Ohio!! There are so many quilt shops!! FYI the Glass Thimble is looking to relocate into Gahanna. My friend Sherry owns Calico Cupboard in Pataskala. I have visited all of the shops in Columbus and Dublin and they all have something different to offer. I really hope that you are able to make some new Quilty friends and enjoy being near your family!!

krislovesfabric says... August 11, 2014 | 10:37 am

Miss you, my friend… but I am happy to see you settle in to your new place 🙂

Marti says... August 12, 2014 | 3:35 pm

Congratulations on your move. I would move closer to my children in a heartbeat.

Linda says... August 23, 2014 | 9:15 am

We are enjoying being near our grandchildren!