Zelda: The Quilt-Along — Tri-force

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We are now ready to make Tri-force, the last block in the quilt-along  This one is not made with a grid like the rest of the blocks. Because the previous blocks were made with interfacing, we will need to add interfacing to this block also.

Sketch of The Zelda Quilt-Along

You will need a ruler with a 60 degree line.

Before we cut out this block, we will apply iron-on interfacing to the back of the fabric as follows:

Apply interfacing to the wrong side of the Kiwi  and the Canary fabrics.


2 pieces –  17  X  9  5/8

1 piece –   8  5/8  X  9  7/8


3 pieces –  8  5/8  X  9  7/8

We  are now ready to cut the large triangles for the right and left sides of the Tri-force blocks using the (2) 17 X 9 5/8 pieces of Kona Kiwi with interfacing. IMPORTANT: These triangles MUST be cut one at a time because they are not the same.

Place your ruler on the diagonal on one piece from the upper left corner to the lower right corner and cut.  We will only use one piece. You may discard the other half.

For the second triangle, cut from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. Again, we will use one piece and discard the other piece.

We have now cut the right and left pieces of the Tri-force block.

The center of the block has 1 Kiwi and 3 Canary triangles.  Using the 8 5/8 X 9 7/8 interfaced fabrics, mark the center of each piece on one of the 9 7/8 inch sides.  Line up the 60 degree line on the ruler with the bottom edge (9 7/8) of the fabric and slide the ruler until it is lining up the bottom corner of the fabric with the center mark on the top edge. Cut on this line. Turn the ruler around and line up and cut the other side  to make a triangle. The cut triangle should measure 8 5/8 inches high by 9 7/8 at the base.

See the above picture and assemble the Tri-force block as follows:

Sew the  Canary triangles to the right and left sides of the Kiwi triangle. Press seams toward the canary triangle. Sew the 3rd Canary triangle to the third side of the Kiwi triangle and press toward the Canary triangle.

The final step is to sew the large Kiwi triangle to the right and left sides of the Canary and Kiwi triangles that you just assembled. The unfinished* size of the Tri-force block is 18 1/2 X 16 1/2 inches, the same as the Sword and Shield and Bow and Arrow blocks. If your block is smaller than this size, you can add a strip of fabric to the top or bottom of the block to make it longer. and likewise to the sides, to achieve the desired size.

Helpful Hint: * Unfinished size is the measurement before the block is sewn onto the block or sashing next to it.

The final step to assemble the quilt block will be to make sashing and borders. This will be detailed in the next post.