Zelda: The Quilt-Along — The Fairy

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Are you ready to make The Fairy — the second block of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along? We have our full list of fabric and tool requirements are located here, which includes yardage for fabric for the entire quilt.

The second block that we will be making is The Fairy, which was an integral part of The Legend of Zelda game. The Fairy was an item that Link, our hero, could use to replenish his health or even bring himself back from death. Throughout the game, Link would battle his enemies and often lose his health, sometimes even dying to these foes. If Link came across a fairy within the land, he could use it to replenish his health fully. If Link captured a fairy and kept it in his backpack, he could bring himself back from death should he die in combat.

The Fairy will be constructed in the same manner as the first block, The Candle, however the size is different. The Fairy block grid is 9 squares across and 17 squares down and it uses the following colors of fabric:

Kona: Black
Kona: White
Kona: Cheddar
Kona: Red

You can download the pattern which contains the layout of the individual squares for The Fairy (Block 2) here.

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Zelda: The Quilt-Along — The Candle

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Zelda: The Candle (Block 1)

Grab your fabric and additional tools — we’re ready to make the first block of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along! (We have our full list of fabric and tool requirements here, which includes yardage for fabric for the entire quilt)

The first block we are making is The Candle, which was an item that Link (the hero of The Legend of Zelda) could use to light up dark caves in the Zelda games. While there are different Zelda games that have been created, all of the items, characters and enemies that will be included within this quilt are from the very first game: Legend of Zelda.

The Candle block grid is 15 squares across and 17 squares down and it uses the following fabrics:

Kona: Black
Kona: White
Kona: Cheddar
Kona: Red

You can download the pattern which contains the layout of the individual squares for The Candle (Block 1) here.

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Zelda: The Quilt-Along – List of Fabric & Tools

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Are you ready for some Zelda? If you are a video game buff and this quilt is for you to keep, I can already imagine that you’re really anxious to see the design of our Zelda: The Quilt-Along quilt. If you’re making it for a friend or relative and they know about it, make sure to send them a link or a screenshot and let them know all about the really incredible quilt that you’re making for them. If you really want to make them excited, you can throw around some of the characters in it like Link, Princess Zelda, a Red Darknut, a Blue Wizzrobe and the Triforce. Finally, if you’re saving this quilt as a Christmas present for the video game buff in your life, just know that you are going to be bigger than Santa this year.  Here it is:

Sketch of The Zelda Quilt-Along

Below are the fabric requirements for our Zelda: The Quilt-Along and some of the tools that I used to create the first Zelda quilt that you can see here on this post. Please note that some of the tools are marked as optional.

Fabric Requirements for Zelda: The Quilt-Along

Color Usage Yardage
Dark Green
Kona: Kiwi
Border, Binding and Block Background 3 yards
Light Green
Kona: Sour Apple
Link and Arrow ¾ yard
Kona: Black
Border and Background 3 yards
Kona: White
Candle and accents in other blocks 3 yards
Kona: Cheddar
Link, Darknut and other blocks 3 yards
Kona: Earth
Shield, Link, Bow, Zelda 1 yard
Kona: Red
Zelda, Darknut and Others ¼ yard
Light Blue
Kona: Lavender
Wizzrobe and Bomb ¼ yard
Dark Blue
Kona: Deep Blue
Wizzrobe and Bomb ¼ yard
Kona: Canary
Triforce ¼ yard
Kona: Medium Grey
Bow ⅛ yard
Pellon 911FF (20 inches wide)
Used as backing for all squares 15 yards

1. Quilting Fabric(s): Kona Cotton Solids – I used all Kona Cotton Solid fabrics. They are available at, and JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts (only some of the colors below are available here).  I will give you the names of the fabric colors in the fabric requirement list. There are a couple colors that need a very small amount. You may want to check your scrap basket or buy a fat eighth or fat quarter. I will note this on the list.

All fabric for the blocks will be cut into 1.5″ squares. Please note that the fabric requirement list above includes yardage for sashing and borders. The sashing and borders will not be cut into squares. There is a notation above on the colors that will be kept back for sashing and borders.

2. Interfacing: Light Weight Fusible (Pellon 911FF) - I used a light weight fusible interfacing (911ff by Pellon) for the grid. You do not have to use interfacing but it speeds up the process and helps keep the squares in the correct order while sewing. I bought the thinnest interfacing I could find because it does add some bulk to the blocks.

Rather than buying more expensive interfacing with the grid printed on it, I made my own on white or cream duck fabric and simply laid the plain interfacing on top. It works just as well, as you can easily see through the interfacing to the grid below and it saved me quite a bit of money.  I’ll be explaining how to make the grid on March 1st, along with how to make the first block.

Tools Needed for Zelda: The Quilt-Along

1. Notions: Rotary Cutter To cut the fabric into 1.5″ squares, you will need a sharp blade in your rotary cutter. Now would be a good time to replace the blade before you begin cutting strips. To cut the squares, you will cut 1.5″ strips and then cross-cut the strips into squares. We recommend using both the OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter and OLFA 60mm Rotary Cutter.

2. June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler (Optional) - In order to speed up the process, I used a June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler (find one here at This allowed me to stack up to four layers of fabric at once and then cut several strips without moving the fabric. This is not necessary to complete the quilt blocks, but is a big time-saver and more accurate option. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you are intending on doing any other similar quilts or quilts in which you are cutting strips.

3. Fabric-Covered Board - You will need a board to use under the grid and also to layout and press the blocks. I went to Lowes and had them cut a 30-inch square from a MDF board. Rather then waste the remainder of the board, I had them cut the leftover piece into several smaller boards to share with a friend or use yourself. I used a scrap of batting for padding and covered the board with a piece of duck cloth. You could draw your grid directly on the covered board. I chose to use a separate piece of duck cloth for my grid. Again, I will be sharing how to make this grid on March 1st.

4. Container for Individual Squares (Optional) - A container to hold your cut squares is very useful. Any container will be fine. I used an empty square tupperware box.

These are all the tools (other than a sewing machine or needle and thread) that you need to make the blocks. The sizes of the blocks will vary according to their location in the quilt. Each month (or half month, in the case of the first few patterns) we will release a new pattern on my blog that will show a grid for all the squares and also give you a little information about what character, enemy or object from The Legend of Zelda video game that you will be making. Feel free to use this information to really tease that special someone about their new Zelda quilt!

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Coming Soon: FREE Zelda

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In 2012 I made a “Zelda” quilt based off of an old Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda. My daughter Jennifer designed it and I created it for my son-in-law (her husband) for Christmas. It was a big hit not only with my son-in-law, but with my website visitors as well — many of whom were interested in a pattern or tutorial on how to make it.

Now that I am living closer to my daughter, Jennifer and I have decided we can now put together a FREE quilt-along on the blog featuring Zelda. For this new project, which we are calling Zelda: The Quilt-Along, Jennifer has changed the design slightly from the quilt I originally created, making the new Zelda quilt smaller and changing some of the blocks. Zelda: The Quilt-Along will be starting March 1st, 2015 and will involve a new block each month, with a few of the first months featuring two smaller blocks twice a month. We’ll be providing not only a free design PDF each month, but will also provide helpful photos and tips that I learned along the way to really help streamline your piecing and make the entire process easier. We will finish up with our last block and finishing instructions in November, so this could be a great Christmas gift for the gamer in your life.

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A “Just for Fun” Quilt!

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I have had this quilt on my to-do list for about a year. I purchased a layer cake and plain white fabric and auditioned it on my Accuquilt Go die early in 2014. Before I could cut it out, we decided to move. This quilt was put on the “back burner” until this month.

I used the 3 1/2 inch drunkards path Go cutter die to cut it out. Each of the 20 blocks has 16 little drunkards path blocks to make a  total of 320 blocks. The most difficult  part of making this quilt was the color placement. There are a couple of places where the same colors touch.

And here it is!

I had enough pieces leftover to make a bonus block. I am going to make a pillow cover with it.

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Grand Illusion – Reveal

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On New Year’s Day, Bonnie revealed the final clue to the mystery quilt. With this clue, she shows how to use all the parts that we have been making for the last five weeks.

This is the first block for my quilt. There will be a total of 25 blocks. The green checkerboard block is the sashing that will go between each block. When the blocks are all joined, I will make a pieced border from the blocks I made in clue 4.

Some of the quilters have finished their quilt tops. Click here to see Bonnie’s finished quilt. Stay tuned for my finished top  next week!

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Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Clues 4 and 5

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I have been busy preparing for the holidays and trying to stay current with the mystery quilt. I had clue four sewn but not pressed before Christmas.  Clue five was given on Friday, the day after Christmas, but I didn’t begin to work on it until today. (Monday, Dec. 29) Today I made all of the blocks for clue 5 and pressed all of the finished blocks.

We are getting near the end of the mystery. I can’t wait to see how everything goes together!

I am linking to Bonnie’s Link Up where you can read more about the mystery.

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Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Part 3

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This week the blocks are easier to cut and  assemble. The piecing was quicker because I made strip sets, re-cut, and sewed again. I pressed each strip in opposing directions and was able to nestle all the seams and sew without pinning.

I had a large piece of solid green that was left over from the Zelda quilt I made for Tristan in 2012. I  used the  this green fabric for all of the blocks rather than making them scrappy. I used fat quarters for the other colors in this block.  I have been able to find all the fabrics I needed in my fabric stash. It feels wonderful to make a small dent in my piles of fabric!

Here are my 120 blocks for clue three.

I am linking up to Bonnie’s link up page.

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Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Part 2

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This week we are making 200 pink, black and white rectangles and sewing two together to make 100 blocks. Bonnie gave us three different ways to assemble the rectangles. I chose to use the second method.

I printed the template for the diamond and taped it to the EZ Angle ruler to cut the diamonds. I wanted to try to make a block before cutting 200 pieces and took the template off my ruler to cut a few triangles. The pieces fit together perfectly.

I like to sew assembly line style. After sewing all 200 rectangles, I pressed them. Next I pieced all the blocks together and again did all the pressing.

To see the progress of other mystery quilters, click on this link.

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Grand Illusion Mystery – Part 1

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The first clue has arrived and I am busily sewing blocks. My Thanksgiving guests left early Friday morning and I started cutting my fabric in the afternoon. On Saturday I was busy putting up Christmas decorations but did squeeze in some time for sewing. I now have all 288 half square triangles finished and sewn to the solid squares, reserving 80 for another clue to come later. The block assembly has begun! I am making 100 Broken Dish blocks.

I used Triangulations to make the HSTs (half square triangles) rather that using the EZ angle ruler. I’m not sure it saved any time because of having to remove the paper but my blocks all finished perfectly.

All the fabric for this quilt came from my fabric stash. I found that the pink fabric matches the paint chip perfectly. I had been saving this fabric for something special and the time to use it has arrived! To see all the fabric I am using, click here.

If you are also making this mystery quilt, you can link up to Bonnie Hunter’s blog with this link.

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August, September,October – Quilt Doodle Doodles BOM

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I have been making the blocks each month, but since the move, did not post them on the blog. Here are the last three blocks/rows.

I am making this quilt  entirely from my stash. As I was finishing up the last row, I ran out of the background fabric so I mixed in another fabric that I used in another block. That is the beauty of scrap quilts, you do not have to panic when you run out of a certain fabric.

The background in the pattern used 2 1/2 inch squares but I cut larger pieces rather than piecing all the squares. I did this with all the blocks and rows. It not only saves a bit of fabric, but it takes less time to sew.

August – Sweet Tooth (ten peppermint candies)

September – Evergreen Tree

October – String of Lights

This is the last row of blocks. I have enjoyed making these blocks/rows. Thank you to “Quilt Doodle Doodles” for the free patterns.

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Grand Illusion: A new mystery quilt

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Each year, Bonnie Hunter gives her blog followers a free mystery quilt pattern. The mystery begins the day following Thanksgiving and a new clue is given each week until it is completed. She gives the fabric requirements earlier along with numbers for paint chips that are available at Lowe’s. The paint chips are the colors she used in her quilt. She posted the “Introduction” on October 9 which includes the paint chip numbers and pictures of the fabrics she used in her quilt. She chose colors that she saw in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

Last year I made the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  I was able to find all the fabric colors I needed for the quilt in my fabric stash. I enjoyed the process very much and want to follow along again this year. I was hoping to find all the fabrics from my stash again. I picked up the paint chips last week. These are the fabrics I pulled from my stash for the new quilt, “Grand Illusion”. Bonnie makes scrappy quilts, so if I need to add a bit more fabric it will still look great.

My fabrics are not a perfect match to the paint chips but are actually closer in color than they appear in the picture.

I will be blogging about my progress with the quilt as I do each step. Would you like to join me? Click the links above to see Bonnie’s blog and to get the fabric requirements.

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Autumn in Columbus

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This is the view from my new sewing room window. It has been a big change for me, moving into the city after living in the country my entire life. My sewing room is the bonus room upstairs. I now am able to have all my sewing supplies in one room, including my quilt frame. The room is still not completely organized but it is getting better. I am going to go to Ikea and buy book shelves and storage furniture to match the tables I have in the room.  I will post pictures when it is completed.

I have found time to make a Christmas wall hanging and also a small pumpkin wall hanging in my new sewing room. The pumpkins were a kit that I bought at a quilt show, put away and forgot for a few years. The kit surfaced during the move and I made it last Sunday afternoon.

This picture was taken this morning from my front porch. The leaves have been changing since the picture was taken from my sewing room window and are beautiful! There is another fountain to the right but can’t be seen from this angle.

I have missed blogging since the move. I hope to be more productive in my quilting this winter and will share it with you on the blog.

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Hello blog readers!

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I haven’t posted for quite some time but I have a good reason. We have been moving from north western Ohio to Columbus, Ohio. We bought a house in Columbus, just one mile from our daughter’s home in Gahanna. We didn’t really expect to move as soon as we did, but everything happened quickly.

Our family had been pushing us to move closer since the grand children have been born. Our son lives near his in-laws but our daughter and her husband had no family nearby. Jennifer was especially insistent that we move closer to all of them.

We drove down to Jennifer’s house (a three hour drive each way) to look at some houses in late June. We had a few requirements such as a  master bedroom and laundry on the first floor. Most of the houses in her area are two story with laundry in the basement. We were scheduled to visit 7 or 8 houses and had expanded our search to the neighboring town of Blacklick. We were expecting to make several trips to the area to look at homes during the summer.

The first two houses we viewed were in Gahanna and were awful! I said, ” I’m not moving if I have to live in one of those!” The third house we viewed was just inside Columbus and had almost everything we wanted and was only 3 years old. We went on to see several more houses in Blacklick, which were nice. We found ourselves comparing all of them to the third house. When we arrived at the last house on the list, we told our realtor that we decided we did not want to live in Blacklick but would like to see the third house again. He scheduled a visit to see it again the next day.

After we toured the house and yard again, we made an offer. The owner had until 5:00 PM the next day to accept or reject our offer. She accepted the offer but countered with an earlier closing date, July 11. From that time on, everything happened at top speed!

A friend of Jennifer had just moved and had lots of empty boxes he gave us. We needed many more boxes though! Bob made a couple trips to Lowes and Menards to buy totes and moving boxes. The task of packing was over whelming. We had lived in our house for 41 years and had accumulated too many things! Every cupboard and closet was full and the new house has fewer closets and cupboards but it has a basement!

We are still unpacking and deciding what we really need and what we can let go. For now, it is going in the basement. If we don’t use it in the next few months, we plan to get rid of it.

I have a beautiful new sewing room. It it is the only room that is upstairs. It is a large bonus room facing the street. Across the street there is a large pond with two fountains and a gazebo area with a picnic table and benches. Just around the corner and across the street from the pond is a small playground for children.

We have met several of our neighbors and they are all very friendly. I’m hoping to find a friendly quilt guild soon and make some new quilting friends too.

My next project is to unpack and arrange my sewing room. I hope to have a new quilting project to show you soon!

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A Hunter’s Star Baby Quilt

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Bob gave me a Hunter’s Star die for my Accuquilt Go cutter last Christmas. I made a sample block and loved the way it went together. I decided to use this die to cut out a quilt for my newest grandson, Ezra. I have had a bundle of 6 Lily and Will fat quarters along with  coordinating background yardage that I was keeping for something special. I decide this was the “something special”. I had to purchase fabric for borders and a quilt was born!

I was able to cut out two blocks from each FQ using the background fabric for the contrasting fabric.

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Quilt Doodle Doodles BOM 2014

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With a big move coming soon, I got busy and made the rows for June and July this week. I don’t know when I will have time to sew for a while and don’t want to get too far behind.

The June block is a row of hockey skates. The blades are appliqued but the rest of the blocks are pieced. The July block is a row of mugs with steam rising above. Again, the handles of the mugs and the steam are appliqued.I chose to use a different fabric for each mug and have switched to a white background for these two rows. The reason for the change in background fabric is because I am running out of the blue. The white is also from my stash and has white on white snowflakes and stars with a bit of blue.

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The Cat in the Hat & Samantha

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I made a Dr. Seuss quilt using two different panels of fabric.  The large image of the cat was one panel and the smaller sections were  another panel.  I did not have a pattern for this quilt. I pieced the checker board sections and the stripes plus the blue sashing to fill in between the blocks. I quilted it with a large meandering pattern.

I saved the best for last! This is my granddaughter Samantha, the recipient of the quilt.

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Great Granny Squared Sew Along

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I finished the Great Granny Sew Along quilt top today. All the fabrics for this quilt top came from my scraps and stash.

We were given our choice of two ways to finish the top. I chose Kim’s version. Both quilts used the same size pieces. The only difference is how they are sewn together.

I plan to put it on the quilt frame later this week or next week after Memorial Day.

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Night Sky / Lily Pad Lake

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Some of my Piecemakers friends and I went to the quilt show at Sauder Village on Saturday, May 3. We enjoyed viewing all the beautiful quilts and watching the demonstrations of new quilt products. The demo that caught my eye was the quilt pattern “Night Sky” and the accompanying ruler, “Sidekick” by Jaybird Quilts. Each block in the quilt uses four shades of the same color. Four fat quarters will make six blocks. I have the perfect fat quarter bundle for this pattern. Last Christmas, Bob gave me a Robert Kaufman Fat Quarter Bundle in Farmer’s Market Colorstory. It contains solid color fat quarters in 23 different shades of green.

I do not want to use black background as shown in the pattern because the darkest FQs are very dark. As usual, my daughter had a great idea for the color of the background fabric. She said the blocks reminded her of water lilies and suggested a blue background. I will expand that theme a bit and  make one block in shades of pink to represent a water lily flower.

My next step in the construction of this quilt will be a trip to the quilt shop to choose background fabric and some pink fat quarters.

Stay tuned for the finished quilt, hopefully soon!

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Hot Air Balloon Quilt

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I worked on a quilt for our newest grandson for about a month, a little a time. I had to think and rethink how to design a quilt with hot air balloons to go in the room that he shares with his big (2 year old) brother. I found some balloon designs online at EmbroideryDesigns and purchased them. I used thread colors to match the colors in fabric I was using in the border and to match colors in other decorations in the room.

I machine embroidered the blocks, assembled them into a quilt top and quilted it. After the quilting was finished, I thought there was too much empty space on it. I drew some small hot air balloons and hand appliqued them on the quilt. I also drew a larger balloon in three sections and appliqued it on the quilt. Before appliqueing them, I machine stitched outline stitches with black thread to co-ordinate with the embroidered blocks.

I finished the quilt and gave it him when we visited on Easter weekend.

The quilt will hang on the wall above his crib.

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