Quilty Fun Sew Along – The End!

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The top is finished! The original pattern has another border. I decided to not put the last border on my quilt. I like that the pieced border is more prominent without another border on the outside edge.

I have enjoyed making this quilt entirely from my scraps. The white background came from my stash and scraps also.

I am going to use bleached muslin for the backing and a pieced binding on the finished quilt.

Lori Holt will host another sew along, Great Granny Squared, beginning on April 21 that will go for five weeks. We will be using her new book, Great Granny Squared as the manual for this quilt. The sew along is free but you will need the book for pattern instructions.

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Quilty Fun Sew Along – part 4

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The last block of the quilt was posted on Monday. The pattern has hand embroidery on this block but I chose not to add it to mine.

The bee block is in the center of the middle section. Next Monday we will be given the finishing instructions. There will be a pieced border around the entire quilt.

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National Quilting Day – March 15, 2014

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Did you celebrated National Quilting Day on Saturday? I spent the day with friends at the Gathering of Quilters in Fort Wayne. I have gone to the Gathering for several years and think this was the best I have attended. The quilts in the show were wonderful and there was a nice mix of vendors. Of course I had to purchase some goodies. I found two (new to me) panels to make cloth books for Eli and Samantha.  Kris and I found a pattern with templates for a different style dresden plate block. We both purchased it and made a block when we went home. You can see Kris’ block here.

I pulled fabric from my stash to try the block. I haven’t stitched it to a background fabric or stitched the circle to the block.

The name of the pattern is “Dresden Star”  by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. The pattern and templates can be purchased at her online store under Traditional Quilt Patterns.

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BOM 2014 – March – Big Tree

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The original pattern for this Block of the Month is made with 2 1/2 inch squares and half square triangles. Again, I don’t want to piece the background fabrics that I can cut in one solid piece so I made a few changes. I wanted more variety of fabrics within the tree so I did piece the 2 1/2  inch squares of green fabric. I’m not entirely happy with my fabric choices.

It’s not too late to join in the fun. You can find the tree pattern at Quilt Doodle Doodles.

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Quilty Fun Sew Along – part 3

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The blocks are starting to fit together to complete the Quilty Fun Sew Along quilt.  There are three sections in the quilt.  I am still making blocks for the center section but the two edge sections are almost complete. The section on the right will have flower blocks on the bottom.

Today I made the 17th set of blocks, the mittens.

Every week we can put pictures of our blocks on a Flicker group, Quilty Fun Sew Along to be eligible for prizes . On Monday, three winners are announced. One of the prizes each week is a package of “Alphabitties”. They are little laminated cards with the letters of the alphabet and ten numbers.. I was lucky enough to win a pack of Alphabitties. I used them for the first time today when I cut out the mitten blocks. I found they were very helpful.. This is how I used them.

These are the rest of the blocks I have made since the last blog post.

Neighborhood Houses


Sewing Spools

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Eli’s Rocking Chair

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When Bob and I saw our grandson Eli  sitting on an upside down colander to watch TV, we decided to buy him a chair for Christmas.

We found a small green rocking chair that is just the right size for him. The back and seat are made of slates with a small space between each slat. We gave him the chair for Chrismas. The first time he sat in the chair, he put a finger between the slats and said “broke” as he jumped out of the chair. He would not sit on it unless we put a blanket on the seat. Of course grandma knew just what to do…make a chair pad for him.

He loves tractors and I had a few scraps of John Deere fabric left over from his tractor quilt.  I made a pad for the back and the seat with leftover quilt batting for padding. I did not have the chair available when I made the pads but I had taken measurements before giving it to him.  I also had a limited amount of John Deere fabric and was hoping it would be large enough to cover the seat. It turned out to be just the right size.

Here it is with our precious grandson and his teddy bear.

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Quilty Fun Sew Along – part 2

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I made the 13th block today and realized that I haven’t posted pictures of the sew along since November. I am still working with fabrics from my scrap bag. I added some bright scraps to the original polka dot fabrics I used for the first few blocks.

To see a larger picture, click on the picture. Here they are in no particular order.

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BOM 2014 – February- Cozy Cabin

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I am trying to stay on top of the blocks of the month this year, but it’s only February. I hope I can keep it up all year. The pattern for the February block has been posted and mine is finished!

Again, I did not follow the directions completely. I cut the pieces that were supposed to be the same color in rectangles rather than 2 1/2 inch squares. My blocks don’t have the scrappy look but I’m fine with that. I am using fabrics from my scrap bag so the quilt will have a scrappy look when all the blocks are finished.

I’m loving the simplicity of the blocks in this BOM.  You can find the pattern here until the end of February.

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Another Cold Winter Day…

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The snow drift is a high as the dog house and the top of the bottom post on the deck steps. You can see the temperature is below zero. I am SO READY for spring!

When it snows, I stay inside and sew. I made a tractor block from the Bee In My Bonnet blog. The tutorial is no longer on the site but I had copied the cutting directions before it was removed. I didn’t save a  picture so I had to use my puzzle solving skills to put it together. It still needs a steering wheel embroidered on it.

This will go with the barn blocks I made last year. I am going to make a few more barns with a silo to add the the other blocks..

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BOM 2014 – January -Chilly Silly Snowmen

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Here we go again! I found a cute, free, BOM that I just had to make.  I made a few changes to the construction of the blocks but not the appearance. For Christmas, Bob gave me a Snowball die for my Accuquilt Go Cutter that is the same size as the snowman face. Rather than cut lots of two inch squares and sew them back together, I used the die to cut the white fabric. It also cut the blue fabric for the corners on the white squares. I cut strips for the side pieces of the block rather then piece them. The eyes are 3/4 inch black buttons. I sewed the buttons onto the faces before I joined the blocks together.

The pattern is from Quilt Doodle Doodles. The directions are very clear and easy to follow. I think I have found a new favorite blog to follow!

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Quilty Barn Along – 10, 11, 12

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Yipee! I finished my barn blocks! I am still deciding how I will set them together but all twelve blocks are finished. I do want to make a silo barn and a tractor but they may be in another quilt. With the birth of our grand daughter and then Christmas in Columbus, I am just now finishing my BOMs. I was lured into a new BOM for 2014 and have my first row almost finished. More on that later…

By the time I was ready to sew these blocks, the tutorial had been removed. By looking at the pictures on Flicker, I was able to draw them in EQ7 and finish them.  And here they are….!!!

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2013 Christmas Baby Quilts

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I didn’t blog in December for several reasons. First, Bob and I were in Columbus for almost half the month. My daughter gave us a  new grand daughter, Samantha Grace,  on December 10. We stayed for over a week to help out when they came home from the hospital. We went back to C-bus to celebrate Christmas on December 26 and we were there for four days. Jeff’’s family came also. It was wonderful having our entire family together for three days.

The second reason I haven’t blogged is because the quilts I made were for Christmas and I couldn’t show them until after I gave them to the babies. I used the Moda Bake Shop pattern, Oink-a-Doodle-Moo, to make quilts for Eli, Samantha, and the new baby that Jeff and Christina are expecting in March.  All three quilts were made using one jelly roll and two panels of Oink-a-Doodle-Moo fabric plus some other pieces from that line of fabric.

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Celtic Solstice – Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt

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This is the mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice, by Bonnie Hunter. She instructed us to go to Lowes and get paint cards in the following colors, listing the darkest color on each card they are:

A23-6 Orange Poppy
A13-6 Bumble Bee
B65-6 Blarney Stone
B52-6 Brilliant Blue
Using the cards, I chose all my fabrics from my stash and from my scrap bag. I didn’t buy any additional fabric for this quilt. I made the small size, 75 X 75. She also gave directions for a king size quilt, 114 X 114.

I have been working on this quilt since December and finished the top yesterday. Bonnie Hunter gave clues weekly, starting on November 29. I got behind with my sewing in December when we were in Columbus for the birth of Samantha and again for Christmas. My favorite machine, the Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer, had an issue when I was starting clue two and had to go in for repair. I got out my white Singer Featherweight to sew the chevron blocks. It doesn’t run as fast as I like, so then I switched to my Janome 10001. In the mean time, I received a call that my Viking was fixed. I went to Fort Wayne to get my machine and finished assembling the quilt on the Viking.

Bonnie will have the pattern available on her website until June 1. Click here to see the instructions. You can add your link to Bonnie’s blog by clicking here.

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Piecemakers Row Quilt 2013

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My quilt group, Hicksville Piecemakers, completed this row quilt recently. We are going to raffle it to raise money for a friend who has been experiencing serious medical issues. You can buy tickets at the Village Christmas event. We will have a booth in the multipurpose building at the Defiance County Fairgrounds on Dec. 6,7,8 and 13, 14, 15.

The pattern is from a mystery quilt in McCall’s Quilting magazine in 2005. We divided the rows among the quilters and used fabric from our group fabric stash. Some of the rows had as many as three people working on them. We made the rows at home and brought them to quilt group meetings to assemble the quilt top. I quilted it on my short-arm machine and frame. This is our best quilt ever! I had no issues with loading it on the frame and quilting it. Good job ladies!!!

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Quilty Fun Sew Along

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Last summer I pre-ordered Lori Holt’s book, “Quilty Fun” from the Fat Quarter Shop. It arrived in October while I was visiting  Jennifer in Columbus.It has instructions for a row quilt and several small quilted projects using the blocks in the row quilt. The book also has lots of pictures of Lori’s studio where she displays her collection of vintage items. It’s a lovely book with a spiral binding.

A sew along began on November 11 to make a sampler quilt using the the “Quilty Fun” book. (You need the book for block instructions.) Each Monday a different blog will give cutting instructions and photos showing how to make the blocks for that section of the quilt. You can still join the Quilty Fun Sew Along by clicking here.

I have made the first four sections from fabric scraps. Most of the scraps are from the polka dot quilt I made last year. I will be adding more dot fabric from fat quarters I have collected. Stay tuned for more blocks in the coming weeks!

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5 Little Monkeys

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I finally get to share a baby quilt that I have been working on this year. This quilt is for my daughter’s baby, due in a few weeks. I worked on it in spurts. I did the small embroidered blocks first, then worked on the blocks with multiple monkeys. Some of the larger blocks each took about three hours to stitch out on my Janome Memory Craft 10001. When I finished two of the large blocks, they were too large for the quilt and had to be redone. I used those blocks to make pillows. The borders were the part that intimidated me. I had never stitched any item that had to be re-hooped and stitched on one long piece of fabric. I did a trial on a piece of muslin to get a feel for how far apart to start stitching the words. It is not perfect but it is finished!

Jennifer helped me pick the fabrics used in the quilt but she did not see the finished quilt until the shower on November 9. She has decorated the nursery with this quilt as the inspiration for the theme.  I can’t wait to see it hanging on the wall!

And here it is….

and the pillows….

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These are a few of my favorite things…

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I buy my batting by the roll and cutting it is not a lot of fun. I roll it out on my living room floor and try to line it up with the lines in the parquet floor. It is hard to see the line when you are half way across the width of the batting. So.. I bought a laser level to mark a cutting line. IT WORKS!!!!

To make the cutting easier, I asked for a pair of batting scissors for Christmas last year. Santa came through and here they are.

I still cut the batting on the floor but it takes much less time with my new tools.

The laser level was purchased through Amazon and the scissors were ordered from IHAN (I Have A Notion).

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I Won!

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I follow the “Moda – The Cutting Table” blog and last month they held a discussion about rulers with guest bloggers. The guest bloggers each demonstrated the use of a different ruler. By leaving a comment, you were entered in a contest to win that ruler. Guess who won one of the rulers! Me! And to top it all, my prize arrived on my birthday. I received a ruler shaped USB device and a snail shaped retractable ruler. How nice.  You can see the article here.

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Eli’s Tractor Quilt

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Our grandson loves tractors. When he visits us, he likes to ride on the old pedal tractor that Grandpa played with as a child, and ride with daddy on the John Deere lawn mower.When I saw how much he loves tractors, I had to make him a tractor quilt.

I had several John Deere fat quarters that were a Christmas gift from Jeff and Christina several years ago. I also had a tractor panel that I bought to go with the FQs. I cut the FQs into six inch tumbler blocks with my Accuquilt Go cutter and joined them to make borders around the panel. I quilted it with a meandering design.

When I showed the quilt to Eli, he pointed to it and said, “Tractor!”. We put the quilt on the floor and he danced on it and then rolled on it as he wrapped it around himself. Next he stood up and dragged it behind him as he went to the bedroom. I think he likes it! LOL

I’m sorry for the poor photography but he was on the move!

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Quilty Barn Along – 9

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The name of the block inside the barn is Country Crossroads. You can find the tutorial for this block here.

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