Summer 2016

Posted Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 in Personal | Tags: , ,

This has been a busy and hot summer at the West residence. My sewing room is so warm in the afternoon that I have not enjoyed sewing in it, even with the fan blowing in my direction. The ceiling fan seems to make it warmer. I have used my stand-up fans to try to stay cool.  We have stayed busy playing with Samantha on Tuesdays and Thursdays and taking her with us to get groceries on Wednesdays. She enjoys bringing home lunch from Wendy’s and eating before we take her home. Another big thrill and the reason she likes to go shopping with us, is to ride the horsie. “Sandy” had been out of commission for several weeks. We had to inspect him every week and tell him to feel better before we could leave the store. Today he was working again, much to the delight of Sami!

I have made a few quilt tops but haven’t quilted them yet. I’m waiting for cooler weather to arrive before loading them on the frame. Lately I have been sewing string blocks using the template paper from Missouri Star Quilt Company to use strips from a Moda scrap bag. I bought both of these items years ago.  Most of the projects I have made this summer were from things in my stash. I hope to get them quilted soon and will show them to you then.


krislovesfabric says... August 18, 2016 | 10:48 am

Good to see you post Linda 🙂 Great pic of Sami, I remember days of that horse after a shopping trip too…Evan was a fan. She sure looks to be getting tall, wow! Look forward to your Sew and tell! Cheryl and I were in Archbold yesterday at a wool rug show and we may have had some wool follow us home!!